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– What is cplace?

Solutions created with cplace

Created with cplace stands for custom-tailored solutions that benefit from the full potential of the platform without actually being part of its standard set of applications.
These examples represent cplace implementations used successfully by market leaders in various industries, bring cplace customers’ experiences to life, and can inspire other users to come up with cplace-based solutions of their own.

– What is cplace?

Solution Templates

The name says it all – Solution Templates are templates for solving concrete business problems in the shortest possible time. They enable you to kick-start the implementation of innovative business software. Based on No-Code and Low-Code elements, Solution Templates provide just the right combination of speed, flexibility and adaptability, even for the longer term.

Developed together with experts, partners and global players from various industries, they offer immediately usable software solutions from the domain of PPM.

– What is cplace?

Premium Applications

These powerful cplace products can be mixed and matched to assemble custom solutions in record time without all the overhead involved in a traditional software development project. Premium Applications are developed by collaboration Factory and partner companies to cover the full range of specialist use cases. They can be integrated with any cplace system to expand its functional scope as needed.

– What is cplace?

The platform

The cplace platform is the common foundation of all cplace applications, interlinking the solution building blocks and providing a comprehensive toolkit that let you custom-tailor new solutions effortlessly. It comprises a full set of tools for creating and adapting scalable custom business solutions with No-Code, Low-Code, and Pro-Code at unmatched speed.

cplace in action

Continental Reifen konnte das Management seines Produktlebenszyklus mit cplace modernisieren.
created with cplace Header

Continental Tires Germany uses cplace as an IT system for innovative product lifecycle management (PLM).

– Created with cplace

Continental Tires

Continental Tires has deployed cplace to successfully tackle the increasing complexity of its product development process, standardizing its software tools and bringing cross-departmental collaboration up to a new level.

cplace in action

Innovative Projektmanagement-Software ermöglicht abgestimmtes Arbeiten bei MTU
created with cplace Header

MTU Aero Engines AG uses cplace as its enterprise-wide project management and application development tool.

– Created with cplace

MTU Aero Engines

The challenges associated with managing a large number of interdependent, complex projects across several sites at MTU required an entirely new approach. cplace enabled the company to implement a global project management approach that more than meets the requirements.

cplace in action

Fast Development mit cplace
created with cplace Header

Within as little as 10 days, a cplace custom solution was developed for BMW Group.

– Created with cplace

Fast Development

For BMW Group’s integrated action and maturity level management, an interdisciplinary team developed a cplace solution as a “minimum viable product” within a period of ten days, demonstrating the benefits of rapid application development.

Kick-start your cplace solution

– Solution Template

Digital Board

The Digital Board helps teams to manage project and individual workflows according to the Kanban model in a transparent way. Roles and tasks are clearly assigned and prioritized and are always trackable. Progress and changes are captured live; team dashboards show statuses and action items.

Agiles Aufgabenmanagement mit dem cplace Digital Enterprise Board
Solution Template Header

Implement agile task management to help your team work more efficiently every day and ensure smooth collaboration.

Kick-start your cplace solution

– Solution Template

Risk Manager

Risk Manager centralizes the identification, assessment and management of project risks. It ensures transparency and supports agile action management while facilitating well-coordinated activities and driving effective risk management through its customizable user guidance features. It creates transparency, supports agile action management, and promotes coordinated action and effective risk control through customizable user guidance.

Einfaches Risikomanagemet in Projekten mit der Risiko Matrix im cplace Risk Manager
Solution Template Header

Apply the most successful project management methods and avoid wasting time and costs and compromising quality.

Kick-start your cplace solution

– Solution Template

Strategy Manager

Strategy Manager provides both, high-level transparency and detailed insights into strategic initiatives and change projects, clearly reflecting the Who, What and When of all activities. Access privileges are assigned centrally. The intuitive user interface provides clarity at a glance.

Transparentes Strategiemanagemet in Projekten mit der Strategy Roadmap im cplace Strategy Manager
Solution Template Header

Keep an eye on all initiatives throughout your company and drive the efficiency of your strategies.

cplace products incorporating best practices

Vernetzte Projektterminplanung mit cplace
Premium Apps Header

Interlinked project scheduling based on the Collaborative Project Management methodology.

– Premium Application

Enterprise Scheduling

Enterprise Scheduling applies the principles of Collaborative Project Management, providing a well-structured overview of deadlines and interdependencies across complex projects and subprojects. Roles are assigned clearly, and project information is visualized as relevant for the given task.

Solution components incorporating best practices

Kommunizieren Sie strategische Vorhaben mit der Visual Roadmap
Premium Apps Header

Visual roadmaps for many applications

that can be intuitively customized for the relevant technology, product or product.

– Premium Application

Visual Roadmap

Visual Roadmap by visualistik generates graphic roadmaps for any purpose that reflect all relevant factors in an easy-to-grasp representation that makes communication that much easier. Roadmaps can be configured easily and intuitively as needed to convey a strategic vision. To communicate strategic visions, roadmaps can be configured easily and intuitively for the given purpose.

What is a modular design system?

Get started quickly and customize as needed – cplace does both. With its Premium Applications and Solution Templates, cplace provides a toolbox of ready-to-use solution components for nearly any conceivable business challenge. With the cplace platform as the centerpiece, these components can be combined and expanded as required. Using cplace Pro-Code, any company specific requirements can be implemented to further augment the range of applications. Created with cplace presents real-life examples that demonstrate the power of this platform when used by major global players from a broad range of industries.

Why choose cplace as a platform solution?

The cplace platform provides a single, common data basis for all users in one system. Say goodbye to shadow IT! Optimize the flow of information throughout your organization while dramatically reducing time, effort and costs!

Use the rapid application development features to create custom-tailored solutions in record time – well-structured and updatable. Empower your users to customize their own business apps using the No-Code (requiring zero coding expertise), Low-Code (requiring minimal coding skills) or Pro-Code (for professional programmers) approach, or to even develop new apps from scratch.

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