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Created with cplace stands for the steadily growing diversity and range of solutions that have been created over the years on the basis of cplace.

These examples show the ways in which cplace is successfully used by global players in various industries, and provide inspiration for your own solutions based on cplace. Created with cplace stands for customized customer solutions that use the full potential of the platform, but are not part of its standard scope. The solutions are created through individual development with No-Code, Low-Code, and/or Pro-Code.

Supply Chain Risk & Allocation Management - auf dem Weg zur krisenfesten Lieferkette

Resilient and crisis-proof supply chain

LOOMEO Supply Chain Risk & Allocation Management supports the risk management and automated allocation of scarce materials to make the entire supply chain resilient and crisis-proof.

Tiefbau-Kostenrechner bei der Landeshauptstadt München

Civil engineering cost calculator

The cplace civil engineering cost calculator supports the City of Munich by making cost accounting and cost tracking of construction projects faster and more efficient without time-consuming manual work steps.

Projektsteuerung mit cplace bei einem großen Online-Modehändler

Control of greenfield projects

A large online fashion retailer uses cplace to plan its greenfield projects for logistics centres. As a central solution for project planning and control, cplace ensures a uniform project organisation with clear communication and decision-making channels.

Projektkostenplanung Budgetplanung

Project time tracking

Comprehensive management of R&D projects inevitably includes keeping track of time expenditures. Therefore Continental Tire expanded its cplace project management software environment to include a custom project time capture app.

Steuerung der unternehmensweiten Risikomanagement-Landschaft

Control of the risk management environment

A major German car manufacturer uses a cplace solution to digitally transform its enterprise risk management systems across all brands. The solution comprises all of the company’s risk management systems in one central location.

Reifegradmanagement mit cplace

Tamper-proof product development

At a leading automaker, cplace enables transparent and tamperproof management of the development of control modules through process-driven schedule and maturity level management of individual projects.

Erfolgreiches Produktportfoliom-Management auf Enterprise-Level mit cplace

Product portfolio management

A car manufacturer has lifted its strategic product portfolio management to a new level: in a Rapid Prototyping Project, collaboration Factory created a tool that reflects all vehicle projects and their interdependencies in a visually meaningful form.

Vernetzte Projektterminplanung mit cplace

Collaborative scheduling

A carmaker who deployed a collaborative scheduling solution based on cplace has been able to overcome inefficiencies and redundant activities and can now leverage synergies and provide transparency across all product engineering projects.

weiße Halle

Product portfolio and scenario planning

One of the world’s biggest high-tech photonics companies has built a cplace-based app for its product portfolio planning. The app greatly enhances the company’s agility and innovative capabilities, thereby creating competitive advantage.

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