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Civil engineering cost calculator

at the City of Munich

Tiefbau-Kostenrechner bei der Landeshauptstadt München

Target Costing for the public sector: At the City of Munich, the Civil Engineering Department is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of roads, squares, footpaths and cycle paths, including cleaning streets, winter services and city lighting. The Civil Engineering Department regularly publishes these services on the basis of a standardised catalogue. In order to avoid any surprises, it continuously tracks the price development on the market on the basis of predefined “shopping carts”. This enables the City of Munich to estimate the costs in advance.

4Soft GmbH designed and developed a cplace system for faster and easier cost accounting and cost tracking at the City of Munich. It saves the processors many time-consuming steps in the process. Even the evaluation of data now happens for the most part automatically and those responsible at the City of Munich do not have to worry about transmission errors.

Tiefbau-Kostenrechner bei der Landeshauptstadt München
Tiefbau-Kostenrechner bei der Landeshauptstadt München
Tiefbau-Kostenrechner bei der Landeshauptstadt München
Tiefbau-Kostenrechner bei der Landeshauptstadt München


Previously, a self-developed Excel sheet was used to calculate and track costs. Both the manual input and maintenance of data and the import of highly specific, machine-readable binary data proved to be time-consuming. In addition, the formulas and cross-references contained in the Excel sheet were overly complex due to the many specifics. The evaluation of data was therefore lengthy and inconvenient. In order to save this effort and to replace the hardly maintainable Excel sheet, the civil engineering department decided to hire 4Soft, a cplace partner for many years, to develop a customised software based on cplace.


Legacy data exchange

Connection of a legacy data exchange format through custom-fit individual software

Visualisation of hierarchical data structures

More overview by replacing the barely maintainable Excel spreadsheet

Realisation of complex calculations

Simplifies cost accounting and cost tracking 

Leading partner

Success Story

"The project was professionally supervised and any problems that arose were solved quickly and in a solution-oriented manner. Even at an early stage of the project, comprehensible and vivid results were achieved. The finished product is immediately usable without further training due to its intuitive operation, the comprehensible description of functions and processes as well as the clear menu navigation and structure."

Daniel Wolf, Project Manager, Civil Engineering Department, City of Munich

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