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Cross-Company Planning (CCP)

at various German automobile manufacturers and suppliers

Cross-Company-Planning mit cplace
Several major German car manufacturers and their suppliers use cplace as asolution for cross-company project management.The application allows the collaborating enterprises to share planning information, enabling direct integration of external schedule entries (events, milestones) into each company’s internal schedule. Data can be transmitted using off-the-shelf interface technologies. By harnessing strong encryption and a stringent access authorization regime, the application can meet the toughest compliance requirements. This means that the solution can support efficient, secure collaboration throughout value chains, joint ventures and other forms of cooperation across enterprises. By directly linking schedule entries, delays and frictional losses can be minimized to significantly accelerate time to market.
Cross-Company Planning im Schaubild
Cross-Company Planning im Gantt Diagramm


With cross-company collaboration rapidly becoming the norm, it is getting more and more important for each participating company to be able to seamlessly integrate external information and project data into its internal processes. However, in today’s typical business setting, the supporting IT systems of collaborating enterprises are usually isolated silos primarily focused on internal planning. This hampers information flows and synchronization of interdependent processes, rendering it difficult to coordinate schedules.


Collaborative Scheduling

Integration of third-party schedule entries into one’s own schedule, including automated updates in response to schedule changes.

Ownership principle

Write-protection of schedule items published to collaboration partners

Information Security

Ensured by individually-defined read access rights and various data transmission options

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Erfolgreiches Produktportfoliom-Management auf Enterprise-Level mit cplace
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Product portfolio management

A car manufacturer has lifted its strategic product portfolio management to a new level: in a Rapid Prototyping Project, collaboration Factory created a tool that reflects all vehicle projects and their interdependencies in a visually meaningful form.

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Vernetzte Projektterminplanung mit cplace
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Collaborative scheduling

A carmaker who deployed a collaborative scheduling solution based on cplace has been able to overcome inefficiencies and redundant activities and can now leverage synergies and provide transparency across all product engineering projects.

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Continental Reifen: contidrom
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R&D project planning and controlling

To keep a tab on the control and the costs of R&D projects, Continental Tires implemented a project planning and controlling platform based on cplace. The solution is user-friendly, efficient and customizable.

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