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Fast Development

for integrated measure and maturity management in just ten days

Fast Development mit cplace
In a Fast Development Project, an interdisciplinary team of experts working closely with BMW Groupdeveloped a cplace solution for integrated action and maturity level management in only ten days.Using the No-Code, Low-Code and Pro-Code methods in cplace, the team created a fully functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP). cplace not only provided the toolbox for developing the MVP solution but also served as a collaboration platform for the project participants. All parties involved relied on cplace to capture and share information in wikis, uploaded files and presentations as well as for planning tasks using the agile cplace Board.
Schnelle Anwendungsentwicklung - Dashboard mit ansprechendem UI
Schnelle Anwendungsentwicklung mit cplace


Effective, scalable, custom-tailored software is a key competitive advantage that can determine whether a company will outpace its competitors or be outpaced by them. To make sure the resulting software tool would be able to meet all requirements even in constantly changing market conditions, the Rapid Prototyping approach was chosen for the project.


User interface

Appealing, CI- and UX-conforming design


Dashboards with meaningful visualizations


Role-specific workflows and landing pages for easy navigation

Success Story

Project milestones

Process Map Approach

Understand business processes and identify issues/features

Solution design

Initial steps including ‘lightning demos’ to encourage solution-oriented thinking

Solution sketching

Outline solutions that would conform to the business objectives of the MVP

Data modeling

Create the backbone for a cplace solution

Agile approach

Prototype – synchronization – feedback – iteration

“The speed of development was exceptional! […] Efficient communication and fast decisions were key success factors. This was successful because our customer was approachable at all times throughout the project.”

Felix Bernhardt , Solution Architect, collaboration Factory AG.

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Start quickly and customize as you like – that’s not a contradiction with cplace. With its Premium Applications and Solution Templates, cplace offers ready-to-use solution modules for a variety of business challenges that can be combined and extended as needed based on the platform. In addition, with cplace Pro-Code, all conceivable company-specific requirements can be realized – Created with cplace shows examples of the power of the platform featuring global players in various industries.
Erfolgreiches Produktportfoliom-Management auf Enterprise-Level mit cplace
Created with cplace

Product portfolio management

A car manufacturer has lifted its strategic product portfolio management to a new level: in a Rapid Prototyping Project, collaboration Factory created a tool that reflects all vehicle projects and their interdependencies in a visually meaningful form.

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Expermiente im Labor
Created with cplace

cplace in Life Sciences

To enable seamless, efficient management of the new drug development process while ensuring effective utilization of resources, this leading pharmaceuticals manufacturer needed a new solution. An cplace app built within as little as 20 days provided the company with the flexible basis it needed.

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Innovative Projektmanagement-Software ermöglicht abgestimmtes Arbeiten bei MTU
Created with cplace

Project management and Application Development

At MTU, coordinating a large number of interdependent, complex, and cross-location projects required a new approach. With cplace, it was possible to implement a global project management solution.

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