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Multi-project and portfolio management at a leading pharmaceutical company

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A market-leading pharmaceutical company replaced its corporate legacy project and portfolio management system with cplace. The objective was to provide relevant and transparent project and portfolio information on a centralized platform. Within as little as 20 days, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was developed and subsequently tested and further optimized by project members and other stakeholders. Fragmented information from a variety of sources was migrated to cplace to form a ‘Single Source of Truth’ and is now available everywhere in the company as a centralized data basis for managing multiple projects. This facilitates true collaboration within and across projects. The company is now developing new components for timeline and resource planning.

Multiprojektmanagement in Pharmaunternehmen - Mikroskop
Multiprojektmanagement in Pharmaunternehmen - Reagenzgläser
Multiprojektmanagement in Pharmaunternehmen mit cplace
Multiprojektmanagement in Pharmaunternehmen - Arbeit im Labor


The pharmaceutical company’s R&D division is tasked with making sure that the development process for a new drug, from the initial scientific findings through to the delivery of the drug to the patient, is as effective as possible. Planning this process across multiple projects, including optimum utilization of personnel and budgetary resources, is a challenge the company’s previous project management system was unable to support efficiently.


Enterprise PPM platform

innovative collaboration within and across projects

Hybrid methodologies

Teams can freely combine traditional and agile methods as needed

Multi-project management

Projects are planned and coordinated efficiently throughout the company

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Erfolgreiches Produktportfoliom-Management auf Enterprise-Level mit cplace
Created with cplace

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Created with cplace

Fast Development

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