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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Innovative product life cycle management at Continental Tires

Continental Reifen konnte das Management seines Produktlebenszyklus mit cplace modernisieren.

Continental Tires implemented a collaborative IT system for its Product Lifecycle Management based on cplace. cplace enables consistent overall program management, mapping and managing most of the cross-departmental relationships and interactions in one system. This has dramatically simplified the management of both, the diversified product portfolio and the enormous complexity of the product engineering process. Today, the cplace solution is in use around the world in the Research and Development, Product Planning, Supply Chain, Ramp-Up Planning and Production departments of Continental Tire.

Erfolgreiches Management des Produktenstehungsprozesses mit cplace
Produktdaten abteilungsübergreifend im Blick mit cplace
Continental Reifen konnte das Management seines Produktlebenszyklus mit cplace modernisieren.
Innovatives PLM im ganzen Unternehmen bei Continental Reifen, dank cplace


The multitude of individual departments and specialized teams at Continental Tire had resulted in a scattered landscape of processes and software solutions. A variety of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools had been used over the years, in many cases created by the development engineers themselves using Excel. Although all these departments were working on the same projects, exchanging information with each other was very complex, cumbersome and an obstacle to effective collaboration.

Solutions based on cplace

Cross-organizational workflows

Smooth interlinking of all technology and product development-related processes

R&D Supply Chain

Powerful scheduling features enable complex time series planning

Project scheduling

Individual task and time schedules for more than 1500 employees

Program Scheduling

Comprehensive high-level program management reflects interdependencies between individual schedules

Workflow Manager

Optional dynamic schedule updates in response to changing workflows

Collaborative system

Supports collaboration between business and IT for optimum results

Involved Partners

QuinScape GmbH

Success Story

Project Milestones



Continental Tire begins to synchronize all PLM processes across divisions.



Project launch

The company launches the implementation project for a collaborative Product Lifecycle Management software system.


End of 2017

Deployment of cplace

Implementation start of the cplace solution. Because of its high complexity, the project is subdivided into several initiatives.

End of 2017


Pilot phase

Nine months before go-live, a pilot phase is initiated to allow selected departments to work with the software during normal operations.




From project launch to solution go-live, the entire project has taken two years and has been achieving clear quality improvements since.


“We wanted to find a new approach that would enable us to cooperate at eye level with Business, internal IT and the respective implementation partners to jointly develop a common, collaborative solution. Giving business users the ability to configure cplace using the No-Code and Low-Code approaches was a key door opener for this cooperation at eye level.”

Christoph Heinemann, Business Project Head at Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

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