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Product portfolio and scenario planning

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At one of the world’s biggest hi-tech photonics companies, cplace provides a platform for systematic development, assessment and prioritization of new and innovative project proposals for product portfolio planning.cplace constantly re-analyzes all relevant projects from the company’s portfolio. This process is triggered by the activities of hundreds of employees working on projects. Every project idea that is found to be sustainable based on specific criteria is further elaborated and developed until it reaches market-readiness. As a result, the company is able to consistently adhere to its strategic goals while optimizing its expert personnel and risk management.

Erfolgreiche Produktportfolioplanung und Szenarioplanung mit cplace
cplace für das Shopfloor-Management


Accelerating development cycles and growing, disruptive competitive pressure have made the capacity for innovation the key factor for remaining competitive globally. This means that corporations must ensure that their project portfolios are agile and flexible. This is the only way for them to make their medium and long-term goals attainable. However, many organizations lack adequate transparency. Their product and process knowledge is not available to all employees, and internal processes are cumbersome and slow.


Scenario planning

Includes real-time information from projects


Juxtaposes projects and required resources

SAP integration

Integrates data from project controlling

Involved Partners

Project milestones

Process modeling

In a preparatory step, the company develops a detailed process design that defines the requirements for the supporting software.

Concept development

collaboration Factory and 4Soft jointly develop a Proof of Concept.


The prototype is significantly more powerful than competing products.

cplace app development

collaboration Factory and 4Soft are entrusted with developing the PPM solution as a component of the cplace platform.


Within a few months, the solution is ready for deployment and has provided optimum support for detailed process mapping and planning ever since.

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Start quickly and customize as you like – that’s not a contradiction with cplace. With its Premium Applications and Solution Templates, cplace offers ready-to-use solution modules for a variety of business challenges that can be combined and extended as needed based on the platform. In addition, with cplace Pro-Code, all conceivable company-specific requirements can be realized – Created with cplace shows examples of the power of the platform featuring global players in various industries.
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Tamper-proof product development

At a leading automaker, cplace enables transparent and tamperproof management of the development of control modules through process-driven schedule and maturity level management of individual projects.

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Erfolgreiches Produktportfoliom-Management auf Enterprise-Level mit cplace
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Product portfolio management

A car manufacturer has lifted its strategic product portfolio management to a new level: in a Rapid Prototyping Project, collaboration Factory created a tool that reflects all vehicle projects and their interdependencies in a visually meaningful form.

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Continental Reifen konnte das Management seines Produktlebenszyklus mit cplace modernisieren.
Created with cplace

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Continental Tires deployed cplace to successfully tackle the increasing complexity of its product development process, standardizing its software tools and bringing cross-departmental collaboration up to a new level.

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