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Control of the risk management environment

with a market leader in the automotive sector

Steuerung der unternehmensweiten Risikomanagement-Landschaft

A major German automaker uses a cplace solution for the digital transformation of its risk management across all brands. The cplace solution reflects all risk management systems used throughout the enterprise in one central, transparent tool. It has enabled the company to replace its highly unproductive legacy Excel lists with efficient, enterprise-wide communication and data sharing functionalities. Today it is no longer necessary for employees to compile reports manually in a time-consuming process. Rather, reports can be extracted by the click of a button.

Risikomanagement im Automobilbereich
Fast Development  Schnelle Anwendungsentwicklung
Risikomanagement im Automobilbereich mit cplace


No active enterprise can avoid risks entirely. Large multi-brand organizations in particular depend on systems ensuring the greatest possible transparency into their risk management. However, in many cases risk management is distributed across many separate control systems. Working with isolated Excel lists hampers efficient communication and prevents controlled data sharing. It gets in the way of transparency and well-coordinated risk mitigation.

Solution highlights

Management of imminent risks

Management of risks during the current quarter

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)​

Systemic risk management for recurring risks

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Business continuity management in crisis situations

Project milestones



Start of implementation of a systemic risk management system.



Deployment of the basic solution

The solution is deployed at the company which then begins implementing an internal control system. Soon thereafter, the solution is rolled out across the entire enterprise.




The system is expanded to include business continuity management functionality. Additional risk management processes and compliance components are developed.


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