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cplace im Einsatz bei der weltweiten Zertifizierung von Reifen

Premium tires from Continental can be bought in many countries around the world. Before tires can be delivered to Continental customers, they must be certified by the local authorities What sounds like a formality is a complex process. That’s why the Standards & Regulations department in Continental’s Tire division overlooks and ensures worldwide legal and regulatory compliance. By switching to a new, flexible software platform with low-code functionality, those responsible are able to successfully master this complexity.

Continental Reifen Mitarbeiter arbeiten an ihren Laptops
Continental Reifen aus der Nähe
Continental Reifen im Produktionsprozess
Continental Reifen im Produktionsprozess


Local authorities are updating legal and regulatoryrequirements at an accelerating pace. The specifications must be implemented within a short period of time during ongoing operations. Any adaptation was complicated and time-consuming in the rigid data model of the previous system. Often, one had to rely on the support of external software engineers. Those responsible at Continental Tires wanted to be able to centrally coordinate and document all aspects in one software system, thus ensuring transparency, traceability and high data quality.

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Project milestones

Since 2015

Successful cooperation with cplace

Continental’s tire division first modernised its project cost controlling and finally also its product lifecycle management with cplace.

Since 2015

July 2019

A new project with cplace begins

The Standards & Regulations division also opted for cplace and started a new project together with QuinScape GmbH.

July 2019

March 2021


The Standards & Regulations team is switching to the modern, flexible software platform in one step.

March 2021

Since March 2021

Successful introduction of the new system

Already 400 users in the field of Standards & Regulations are working with the new system.

Since March 2021

"I think - and all those involved will confirm this - that we can now react to changes even more efficiently. The new tool saves us time on the one hand in the preparation and on the other hand also on the part of the authorities in the processing. That will help us a lot."

Stephanie Martin, Group Manager at Continental Tires

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Continental Reifen: contidrom
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