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When a software solution for a specific business problem is needed in the shortest possible time, cplace Solution Templates come into play. They serve as a kickstarter for the introduction of innovative business software. Thanks to their No-Code and Low-Code basis, they also enable the successful mix of speed, flexibility, and adaptability in the long term. cplace Solution Templates offer a wide range of ready-to-run solutions that have been developed together with market-leading companies. They make proven best practices from market leaders available to the cplace community and the market in the form of predefined software solutions.

cplace Collaborative Scheduling

Collaborative Scheduling

The cplace Solution Template Collaborative Scheduling enhances classic scheduling methods with innovative components. All planning elements can be enriched with additional information, allowing to drill-down to any level of detail.

cplace Solution Template Essential SAFe

Essential SAFe

The cplace Solution Template Essential SAFe supports the basic configuration of the Scaled Agile Framework and enables the transparent mapping and collaborative implementation of the characteristic artifacts. In this way, it is possible to swear a “team of teams” to common goals and the same beat.

Lean Portfolio Management mit cplace

Lean Portfolio Management

The cplace Solution Template supports companies at the efficient management and communication of portfolios in a scaled, agile environment. It creates transparency about all included Value Streams and supports realistic planning.

Solution Template Computer System Validation - Dashboard Overview

Computer System Validation (CSV)

The cplace Solution Template Computer System Validation combines the fundamental, most used features of GAMP 5 to simplify
the application of the guidelines, the appropriate operational controls, and the relevant documentation. This helps ensure patient safety, product quality, and data integrity.

Efficiently support the OKR framework through user-friendly software

Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

The cplace Solution Template Objectives and Key Results (OKR) efficiently supports the management framework of the same name. With this solution template, cplace offers a central information and collaboration hub where strategic goals and their implementation come together.

Erfolgreiches Produktmanagement mit der cplace Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

The cplace Product Roadmap supports product managers along the entire life cycle of a product – from the selection and prioritization of ideas through concrete planning to the end of life of a product. All team members and stakeholders involved in the product process receive exactly the information they need at any given time.

Strukturiertes Gremienmanagement auf ├╝bersichtlichen Dashboards

Committee Manager

With the Committee Manager, planning, recording and follow-up of committee meetings is more transparent and easier than ever. Committee-related information is stored centrally. It ensures efficient communication between stakeholders and between project and committee work.

Agiles Aufgabenmanagement mit dem cplace Digital Enterprise Board

Digital Board

The Digital Board offers distributed teams collaborative and intuitive task management based on the Kanban idea. Roles and tasks are clearly assigned and prioritized. Progress and changes are tracked live, while dashboards show current statuses. Our customers use it to map project and individual workflows.

Transparentes Strategiemanagemet in Projekten

Strategy Manager

The Strategy Manager offers transparency across strategic initiatives and change projects and makes them available for all authorized users. The status and progress of individual initiatives can be aggregated across the entire portfolio.

Einfaches Risikomanagemet in Projekten mit der Risiko Matrix

Risk Manager

The Risk Manager facilitates identifying, assessing, and handling project risks. It creates transparency, supports agile action management, and promotes coordinated action and effective risk control through customizable user guidance.

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