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Collaborative Scheduling

Manage project deadlines collaboratively and successfully

cplace Collaborative Scheduling

The cplace Solution Template Collaborative Scheduling enhances classic scheduling methods with innovative components. All planning elements can be enriched with additional information, allowing to drill-down to any level of detail. The underlying methodology of Collaborative Project Management intelligently integrates decentralized, independent project schedules into an overall plan. If cross-plan dependencies cause conflicting schedules, live subscriptions and delegations help those in charge to identify them immediately and solve them collaboratively in the project. Agile methods are used through the flexible integration of task boards to actively involve all project participants. The integration of a wide variety of live data (e.g. also from agile teams) enables exceptional data quality.


Personal planning

Create independent plans and incorporate planning information from other plans


Integration of live planning statuses from other plans into your own planning


Handing over planning content from one’s own plan to other responsibilities

Agile methods

Extension of classical planning by agile boards with real-time data exchange


Functions for decision-making at departmental, project or management level


Enrichment of project scheduling with operational process content


With Collaborative Scheduling, cplace offers the best possible solution, even in complex and dynamic planning processes and
networks, cplace provides the necessary transparency and decision-making basis for all project participants at all times. By reducing the complexity of planning through the use of agile building blocks, amongst other things, the quality of information and acceptance across all user groups can be significantly increased.

Solution Profile


  • Type: Solution Template
  • Category: Project Management, Project Planning
  • Languages: DE, EN
  • Licence: Professional, Enterprise Board, Enterprise Scheduling
  • Developer: collaboration Factory AG
  • Compatibility: cplace 5.20+

What’s inside

  • Premium Applications: Enterprise Board, Enterprise Scheduling
  • Standard Applications: Visual Domain Model, Landing Page
  • Platform capabilities: Low-Code Automation, Visualisierungen, Rollen & Berechtigungen
  • Demo Use Case: available

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