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Agile task management for smooth collaboration

Agiles Aufgabenmanagement mit dem cplace Digital Enterprise Board

Always up to date! Always keep an eye on the tasks and progress of your business units. The cplace Digital Board makes everyday team work more efficient by shorter communication channels and clarifying responsibilities. You immediately recognize when escalations occur, and team members are automatically informed.

Everyone involved always has an overview of the project’s progress. This increases flexibility, agility, and transparency. Thus, you increase flexibility, agility, and transparency.


No-Code and Low-Code Features

Map specific workflows with little programming skills

Modern Collaboration

Digital collaboration even in distributed teams across locations

High Transparency

Clear presentation and prioritization of tasks in Kanban style

Seamless Integration

Integration into complex project worlds and organizations

Cross-Linking Boards

Effortless coordination across team boundaries, even during escalations

Aligned Teamwork

Representation of one piece of information in multiple boards – everyone is on the same page


With the new Solution Template cplace Digital Board, enterprises take the next step towards dynamic digital collaboration. It facilitates efficient self- and team organization according to the principles of the Kanban methodology. The advantage: Companies can store their digital work planning centrally and accommodate all employees in the same system. Project and line tasks can be clearly planned and prioritized. The number of boards is unlimited, entries can be linked via stored workflows. You can therefore make the same information available to several departments on different boards. Conversely, teams can request help or report escalation needs.

Solution Profile


  • Digital Board
  • Solution Template
  • License edition: Professional
  • cplace Version 5.12 and higher
  • Release artefacts: tbd.

What’s inside

  • No-Code and Low-Code Features
  • Individual task boards (Kanban)
  • Configurable Landing Page
  • Enterprise Board
  • Roles & permissions
  • Visual Domain Model

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