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cplace Solution Template Essential SAFe

Companies undergoing agile and digital transformation face the challenge of scaling agile process models beyond the level of individual teams. In the process a large number of teams must be aligned towards common goals. One of the best-known frameworks for this purpose is the Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe for short. The cplace Solution Template Essential SAFe supports the basic configuration of this framework and enables the transparent mapping and collaborative implementation of the characteristic artifacts. It allows controlling the Agile Release Train (ART) of a SAFe program. The solution template creates transparency about who is currently working on what and how this work is progressing. This includes managing the associated program backlog, breaking it down into stories for the individual teams, and mapping existing dependencies. In addition, it efficiently supports the preparation and implementation of Program Increment (PI) planning and progress control.


Program Board

Visualization, prioritization and control of the features in a Kanban view

Progress control

Powerful visualization of KPIs, program and PI statistics

Conflict detection

Identifying dependencies and potential conflicts at a glance


The Solution Template Essential SAFe supports the framework of the same name by creating transparency about a SAFe program. In the process it helps those responsible to align a “team of teams” of more than 100 people towards common goals, to synchronize them and to bring them into a common timing. Powerful visualizations make upcoming tasks and milestones, dependencies and potential conflicts, and progress tangible for all team members. In addition, those responsible are supported in the practical organization and coordination of meetings, events and release dates.


  • Type: Solution Template
  • Category: Agile Development, Scaled Agile Framework
  • Languages: DE, EN
  • License: Professional, Enterprise Board, Visual Roadmap
  • Developer: collaboration Factory AG
  • Compatibility: cplace 22.4+

What’s inside

  • Premium Applications: Enterprise Board, Visual Roadmap
  • Standard Applications: Visual Domain Model, Landing Page
  • Platform Capabilities: Low-Code Automation and -Visualizations, Personal Dashboard
  • Demo Use Case: available

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